Your Mold Inspection Drives a Mold Remediation Plan

In Low Country, Mold inspection is the first step to initiating a mold remediation plan.

Anytime that there is a hint of mold being present in the home, it is a definite cause for concern. Mold and microbes related to mold can cause hazardous health conditions in humans, and are a real threat to your health. After a water damage event or a flood, it is not uncommon that mold will begin to grow in the home. It is at that time that the homeowner should call a mold remediation specialist to perform a mold inspection, which determines how the mold remediation plan will be set up to rid the home of mold hazards.

Mold inspections need to be performed by professionals who know about safe mold removal from the home. Home inspection kits for mold are readily available on the market, but the results are not as accurate as having a mold professional to assess the mold situation in your home.

A professional who knows about mold remediation will come to your home and provide a consultation. In that consultation you will discuss your issues with mold, any wetness or dampness in the home, and a mold inspection will be performed. The mold inspection report will summarize three conditions in the home: the mold inspection itself, the moisture found and conditions and the presence of any mold itself in the home.

Let’s look a little closer at these three reports.

The inspection summary will summarize the entire scope of the mold inspection being proposed, outline what areas are inspected for mold, and explain in detail the strategies used to conduct the assessment and inspection. Next, the moisture information summary will show and identify any sources of water, moistures and water intrusion into the home. It will also highlight the specific actions needed to remove water and moisture issues coming into the home. Finally, the mold information survey will identify and relate mold growth found, locations, size of mold growth and categorize the mold growth for the homeowner. It will also detail any other microorganisms or microbes found in the areas of mold (such as viruses, bacteria, etc.) that are found in the home.

A professional mold remediation company is the right way to go when there is mold in the home.