Unlikely Hiding Places for Mold in the Home

Mold will grow unattended anywhere in Low Country homes.

Did you know that mold can conceal itself quite successfully in the home in a myriad of unlikely hiding spots? Well it can, and the following are just a few reminders regarding areas in the home to check on a routine basis for the growth of mold spores.

When you have water damage, sewage leaks or flooded basements in the home, you will want to check for mold that might start growing unseen in crawlspaces, attics or anywhere that there is a lack of proper ventilation to the outside air. Check these areas frequently to ensure that there is a barrier of security for the prevention of access for rodents and critters as well, and look to see if there is any buildup of condensation on the walls in these areas for sure.

Another often overlooked area is in the HVAC systems of a home. Mold can grow and build up i air conditioning units, air ducts, heating and cooling ducts and near wood stoves, fireplaces, spaces heaters or anywhere that humidifiers or dehumidifiers are frequently used in the home.  It is a good idea to frequently check these areas for mold spores, to stay on top of any mold growth in these regions of the house.

Did you know that dust and lint can hold, grow and carry mold spores to other rooms of the house? Well, it is true, and that is one way that mold in one area of the home can travel easily to another uncontaminated area of a house. To prevent this from happening, you can dust and vacuum carpets, wet mop floors and generally make sure that there are no dust bunnies around to carry mold. A quick look under the furniture from time to time will reveal if a deeper cleaning is necessary.

Finally, the last place you might expect mold to grow in the home is behind furniture pushed up against a window. Yes, this is a prime area for mold to grow behind a sofa or table pushed next to a window, where if any condensation from the window drips down behind the furniture, there will be a chance for a healthy colony of mold to grow and prosper.

Any time that there is water damage or flooded basement damage in a home, there is the possibility that mold can be transferred from those areas to other areas of the home. Keeping an eye on these areas to prevent the transport of mold to uncontaminated areas of the home will go a long way to keeping mold down and preventing issues later on.