Tips For Handling Water Damage In Charleston

Water Damage Cleanup CharlestonHave you ever experienced water damage in Charleston SC? If so, you know how much trouble it can cause. Water damage is one of the most difficult problems to deal with and can cost a lot of money if not acted upon quickly. Following these tips will help you deal with water damage in Charleston SC and elsewhere.

There are a lot of instances that a water damage restoration professional like Restoration 1 of Low Country are needed: flooding from broken pipes, your dishwasher or washer overflow and maybe you have a slow leak. But what about when the flooding comes from natural disasters, like hurricanes? The problem of water damage can be much more than just the clean-up. Here are some tips for handling water damage in Charleston.

Water Damage Cleanup Charleston

First, step back and don’t panic. Water damage is never good, but it isn’t always as bad as it appears. Take a deep breath and give yourself some time to assess the situation. This will also allow you to stay calm when you talk on the phone with your insurance company or a restoration company. As frustrating as things seem, if you allow yourself some space from the situation it will be much easier to work through any issues that come up along the way!

Understand the situation

Understanding the water damage situation is important. When water damage occurs, there are different levels of damage and you need to understand the severity of your particular situation. A few questions you should ask yourself are: How did the water damage occur? Is it a one-time event or a recurring issue? Is the damage limited to one area or is it more widespread?

The extent of the damage will determine how much work needs to be done, as well as how long it will take to do. Water can cause serious structural damage if not addressed quickly. The longer you wait before getting help, the worse it can get. Also keep in mind that moisture can seep into furniture and other items and cause mold problems later on down the road.

Determine if it’s a DIY job or not

How do you know if it’s a DIY job or not?

When you experience water damage in your home, it’s important to assess the situation. Do you have the right tools and knowledge to complete the job? You should also consider:

  • The extent of damage
  • The type of substance that caused the damage
  • The type of flooring, subflooring, or walls involved (i.e., drywall)
  • The type of damage that has occurred (i.e., soaked carpet)
  • The type of water that caused the damage (clean vs. dirty, sewage backup)

Do what you can immediately

Water damage is something that needs to be handled immediately so there are no lasting effects. Even if your home isn’t in an area that’s prone to flooding, you can still end up with water damage from a burst pipe or appliance.

If it’s an option for you, turn off the water supply to minimize further damage. Remove any wet items from the area and try to clean up as much as you can. If the water is contaminated, wear gloves and a mask while cleaning up.

Remove any standing water from your basement with a sump pump. Use towels or rags to remove water from your carpets, furniture, and other areas of your home until we arrive!

Locate the source (if necessary)

Once you’ve found the source of the leak and are confident in your ability to repair it, go ahead, fix it up! However, if you’re having trouble locating where the water is coming from or aren’t equipped to handle a repair yourself, don’t hesitate to call a professional. The sooner water damage is attended to, the better. Water damage can cause serious structural issues with your home if left unchecked.

Call a professional

The first thing to do is call a professional to handle the water damage. It might be tempting to try and save money by doing it yourself, but this could cause more issues in the long run. The reason for this is that a lot of water damage isn’t visible on the surface. There are plenty of hidden areas where mold can grow and spread throughout your home while you may not even know it’s happening. A professional will have specialist tools that can help find any hidden water damage in your home before it becomes a much larger problem. They also have insurance for their work so you don’t need to worry about accidents or any other issues that may come up during repairs.

If you’re looking for a professional team with years of experience, we recommend Restoration 1 of Low Country. They offer an excellent service at affordable rates and can handle virtually any job thrown at them, big or small. Call them today to receive a free quote!

If you live in Charleston, SC and are dealing with water damage in your home, it is important to act quickly. Water can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which is a health risk for you, your family, and your pets. If you have any damage at all in your home, get in touch with the company that has been a water damage cleanup company in Charleston for years: Restoration 1 of Low Country.