The Dangers of Mold in Low Country, SC

Dangers of Mold in Low Country, South Carolina

Low Country, South Carolina Homeowners Need Relief from Mold NOW!

Many homeowners are discovering the dangers of mold growth in Low Country, South Carolina. In particular, mold is defined as a tiny microorganism which digests organic matter to grow, and digests organic materials by releasing spores into the air.

Molds are a fungus in the natural world
Molds are characterized as being a type of fungus, and there are actually over 100,000 species of mold seen in the natural world. Mold is found both inside and outside of the home (such as in nature). In the case of mold spores, the mold is able to grow easily in dark and damp environments, where there is damage from water to the wall structures, floor boards or ceiling areas of the home.

Many molds are dangerous to humans
A person can be exposed to mold and the dangers of mold whenever the mold spores are disturbed. Mold spores can travel from one room to the other in a home, and are easily transported in the home environment because they are airborne. Let us service you in the Low Country to remove molds from your home safely and effectively.

Mold has a telltale smell and coloring!
Mold is characterized by a musty or dank smell, and is shown as black or white flecks that may appear in a damp basement wall or in the bathroom ceiling near the showers or a water source. A person can be exposed to mold and may experience irritation of the throat, eyes, or nose, and could have breathing difficulties after having breathed in the mold for awhile or over time.

Mold is organic, it is okay to have a “little” mold, correct?
Mold is considered a health hazard, and any amount of mold needs to be removed by professional remediation companies to prevent the unintentional spread of mold from one region of the home to another area. Some people who are susceptible to mold issues are the elderly and young children.