Prevention of Mold is Half the Cure

It is critical to prevent mold from taking over in Low Country.

It is possible to prevent mold growing on living structures in the home. The ultimate prevention of mold will keep homeowners on their toes. In a perfect world, there would never be an incidence of mold growing in common living areas in human habitats. Then why do we ever see mold at all?
Of course, mold grows in outside environments and it is welcomed there. Those crunchy leaves underfoot in the fall break down organic matter in the woods outside, and are a real benefit to the environment. But mold that grows on the inside of a home will create a health hazard, and can cause health problems for people who breathe in mold spores in the home on a regular basis.
How does mold grow indoors?

Well, mold is sneaky, and it operates as the ultimate opportunist to set up shop in the home. Much the same way that critters will live in a basement or attic area of a home rent free, if they can get away with it – mold spores will happily move in to “make themselves ta’ home” at the first opportunity that conditions are right to assist it to proliferate and grow.

By now most homeowners know that damp dark areas with a source of water or wetness are ripe for mold growth. Then why don’t we turn on the lights, wipe of off the dampness and stop mold from growing on these porous surfaces? The answer is that we do monitor the growth of mold, and work to prevent it from taking a stronghold in our homes. But the bigger problem is that we don’t typically stay a step ahead of mold, and that is how it starts to form when we least expect it.
Mold can cause illnesses and has been linked to problems such as: Autism, Asthma, Fungal Sinusitus, and even Obesity. When there is central air conditioning and heating in the home, mold can travel along the air ducts in a home to spread mold spores to room in an unlimited capacity.

When we leave an area or space in the home on the walls, ceiling or floor that creates a ripe condition for mold, it will always see it as an open invitation to invite friendly mold spores along for the ride. For this reason, homeowners and renters must constantly be on the lookout for even the smallest mold spore clusters in the home or rental property, because their only job is to grow – and they will not stop growing in size until they are stopped cold with a cleanup or professional mold remediation.
Homeowners can provide proper ventilation for moisture in buildups in kitchen and bathrooms with exhaust fan installation, keeping drip pans for air conditioners and refrigerators clean, checking regularly for faucet leaks and generally staying on the lookout for moisture buildup in any form in the home. With this small attention to detail, it will work wonders on a larger scale to prevent mold from taking hold of the living spaces in a home.
Call the Pros at the First Sign of Mold
Just give us a call at the first sign of mold. We are able to remediate mold, and restore your home to a safe environment. Our technicians use IICRC guidelines to safely remove water damage, flooded basement water, sewage cleanups and can safely perform any water damage restoration or flood restoration necessary in your home. We are available 24/7 and are ready to take your call right now!