Leave Mold Remediation to the Experts Every Time

Mold remediation in Low Country

Whenever you notice moisture or dampness in a living area of the home, it could be a natural next stop that mold growth is not far behind. Mold that is found growing in a home will continue to grow, and does not usually ever stop growing without direct measures being taken to eradicate it. For this reason, it is important that homeowners call the experts in to assess whether mold is in fact growing in a living area.

Some people are convinced that a little bleach will remediate a mold problem that has already been present in a home. This is not a resolution to the mold issue, and may even make matters much worse. By just wiping and area that has established mold with bleach or bleach products, the mold may actually become spread to other areas of the home that were not previously contaminated. It is better to call in the pros, as they are highly trained technicians who are able to manage mold removal and the remediation of microorganisms based on IICRC guidelines and protocols to keep everyone safe in the home during the process. 

The experts from a professional mold remediation company are able to come into the home, make a clear assessment and determine the exact extent that mold may or may not be growing and present in the home. If mold is present, the professional mold remediation team will perform testing to determine the exact type of mold need to be removed – and they can remove it successfully for the homeowner.
Although there are no uniform guidelines as to how much mold is “too much” when found in home living spaces, a common guide recognized in the remediation industry comes from the New York City Department of Health’s Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Disease Epidemiology. These guidelines note four stages of contamination, which is determined by the square footage in a home, and advises on remediation strategies for getting rid of mold in living areas of a house of apartment. Costs for mold remediation are generally greater for larger areas of contamination, with the New York City guidelines estimates total around $15.00 or more per square foot to successfully remove mold for a living area in that part of the country.

According to the NYC guidelines, the lower stages of contamination (levels 1 & 2) may include insulated areas under 30 square feet, while the high-level contamination areas (level 5) may refer to the entire HVAC system contamination areas of a multi-living unit building. In the use of widespread areas of mold contamination in a living area or home, remediation personnel will utilize OSHA required protective gear to remove that mold safely per guidelines set by mold remediation experts.
When you see mold in the home after a flooded basement, water damage event, sewage backup or any other water crisis, just give us a call. We are able to come to you 24/7 to provide water damage and flood damage remediation services, and get you back to your normal routines – and fast!