How untreated water damage will affect your property value in Low Country, SC

Keeping the Value of your home when water damage occurs in Low Country, SC

It is important to realize that untreated water damage will affect your property value in Low Country, South Carolina. Whenever there is water damage in a home, there may also be the presence of mold.

I have some little drips in the plumbing, is that bad?
If there are water leaks, leaky roofs or leaks coming from regular drips in plumbing, there may be water that accumulates to become a water resource for mold to develop in the home. For instance, the area around windows may be a source of frequent condensation, and mold can develop in these crevices, especially if there is also continual water damage in this location of the home.

The dryer is not ventilated, is that going to be a problem?
Chiefly, if there are areas of the home that are not well ventilated but that receive frequent water damage, these areas are highly likely to develop mold and mold spores.

There is a funny smell where I think there is mold, why is that?
Additionally, mold has a distinct musty or “close” odor when it is growing, and this will be a telltale sign that there may be mold growing in the home. If you smell the mold smells and don’t see it, there may be a chance that the mold is hiding behind the walls where it is not seen to the eye, but it is still there and growing like a weed! Likewise, mold can grow undetected in walls, behind wallpaper, in the floor boards, ceiling areas or under carpets in a home with untreated water damage.

There are speckles on the wall, what does it mean?
Mold will become a problem if you see black or white speckles along the basement wall or in the bathroom ceiling or shower areas. Mold will begin to grow, spread and proliferate anywhere that there is water that has damaged building materials, structures or wood in the home. Mold can affect the health of humans and any pets living in the home.

Who is vulnerable and most at risk for health issues living with mold?
Older people and young children can become affected by breathing in mold spores that are alive in a home. It is important to professionally remove mold spores that may be growing in the home to prevent any adverse effects of health hazards that may be associated with any mold growing in the home structures or home environment in the Low Country regions.