How to Know When Smoke Damage Restoration Requires a Pro

A house fire can lead to all manner of problems. Of course, there is the noticeable fire damage caused by the flames themselves, including smoldering remains. However, the smoke damage is a cause for concern. Not only does smoke damage the building materials throughout your home, but it affects your health, too. Dealing with lasting smoke damage is often a major hassle, too. The particles remain in the air, settle onto your furniture, and escape into the air ducts. Before you know it, you’ll need to hire a pro for smoke damage restoration.

Detecting Fire and Smoke Damage
Much of the damage left behind after a fire will be immediately noticeable. The fire causes direct heat damage, melting or warping the materials around your house. Then, smoke damage leads to corrosion and discoloration. Of course, both often result in tertiary damage, such as electrical, chemical, or water damage.
Detecting the fire damage is simple. Detecting the smoke damage – not so much. Any dry smoke damage is because of high heat levels. It’s simple to clean when compared to a slow-burning fire, which generally produces a wet, sticky smoke instead. Most of the damage from dry smoke is dry and thin. Then, you have fuel oil smoke, stemming from a furnace or heating system, that produces an overpowering odor. This type of smoke destroys furniture and will always require an expert. All of them do, in fact.
Common Smoke Damage Concerns
When dealing with smoke damage, perhaps the leading reason why hiring a restoration expert is ideal is because of the long-lasting, hidden damage. Any prolonged exposure within your home, without immediate restoration efforts, can result in permanent corrosion, discoloration, and acidic soot stains. You’ll likely need to throw away your favorite articles of clothing, furniture, and carpet.
The discoloration will eventually become permanent on the walls, ceilings, and hard surfaces. Then, porous materials and soft items become saturated with smoke damage. Everything will need to be thrown out. It’s a total loss.
So, as to the question of when smoke damage requires a pro, the answer is simple. You should always hire a professional restoration contractor when dealing with fire and smoke damage. The long-lasting effects of either will chase you out of your house and directly and negatively affect your health. It’s not worth the risk.
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