How does a flood impact your electrical system?

A flood will impact your Electrical System in Low Country

Do you know if your electrical system has been compromised when floodwater comes rushing in? There is a large amount of flooding in Low Country, SC. During a flood, water damage can get into your electrical system. Water and electricity are a deadly combination. The first step is to shut down your entire electrical system at the source. Shutting off breakers will not do the job. If you’re unable to do it, call in a professional electrician

Floodwaters from tropical storms and hurricanes are even more problematic due to the corrosion it creates from the salt in the water. Low Country, SC has experienced many hurricanes and tropical storms over the years.

A qualified electrician should examine cables and wiring that have been exposed to flood water. Any wiring that is specified for dry locations should be replaced if they were submerged in floodwater. Wiring may not fail immediately, but over time, maybe even months or years, will eventually break down. 

Basements are the number one place for water flood damage. Many people have their laundry appliances, extra refrigeration, freezers and heating units there. You should shut off and unplug all appliances and have them inspected before resuming use.