Home Testing for Mold vs. Hiring the Pros for Testing and Remediation

Always choose a pro for mold remediation in Low Country.

DIY is Good, But Not for Home Mold Testing

We certainly live in an era of DIY, which really means that most people are not motivated to call an expert to do anything that they believe in their heart of hearts that they can do cheaply or faster at home themselves. But there are times when DIY becomes a “Do Not Do,” and the safe removal of mold comes under this category. Mold can contain microorganisms that have been linked to serious diseases in humans, including: Autism, Asthma, Obesity and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Here are some reasons why homeowners will not call a professional, even when they really need one:
•    Professionals charge high hourly rates
•    The pros will “price gauge” at any given opportunity
•    Professionals will “take all day” to come, wasting time waiting for a service technician
•    The pros are not as knowledgeable as they appear to be
•    Professionals need to make money, and will try to up sell other services at each service call
•    The homeowner is handy enough to manage these small repairs him/herself
•    The homeowner needs repairs completed, but is cash strapped right now
•    The homeowner recognizes that repairs need to be made, but only trusts in-laws to come for making repairs to the home

You see, the homeowner will prefer to do testing in the home for mold instead of calling in the pros, because he or she believes the test is easy to perform and will save money doing it themselves. It is possible to buy a home mold testing kit over the counter, but these kits vary by manufacturer, and the testing results may not be as reliable as hoped.

Home Tests are Not Accurate and Results Can Be Misleading

But, there is only one catch to saving money and performing a mold test yourself. These home tests are not as accurate as having a professional test for mold for you. Additionally, a homeowner who is unfamiliar with the mold testing kit will not read it as accurately as possible, and may not know if there is mold, or even what type of mold is actually in the home according to the mold home test results. Some kits sold on the market are also simply unreliable, and have flaws that the homeowner will not know about and will rely on a faulty kit in that case unknowingly.

The Pros Recommend NOT Testing at the First Sign of Mold, Here’s Why

Professional organizations dedicated to preserving human health in living environments recommend against home testing, and hers is the reason why this is noted. If there is already visible mold in a home environment, then technically, mold testing is not needed. The best course of action according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is to first remove the source of wetness, then manage the mold. Once the reasons for mold are corrected, the water abated, then mold can be safely identified, remediated by the pros and gone for good.

Sticking with the pros will ensure that the mold is identified, remediated properly and your home living and breathing environments are restored to safe breathing levels the right way. Always call a pro at the first hint of mold issues in the home and living environments. Any time that there is water damage, flooding or flooded basements, sewage cleanup or other water damage restoration services needed in the home, it is easier and more efficient in the long run to call the pros. We follow all IICRC guidelines and are able to safely remove mold from the home quickly and accurately, to prevent mold coming back again to contaminate other areas of the home. Just give us a call, we are available 24/7 to assist you in mold remediation today.