Extra Bathrooms Can Mean Extra Water Damage Trouble

Water Damage Cleanup CharlestonWe love our privacy! Recent research from real estate analysts calculates that an American three-bed home has an average of 1.8 bathrooms, and a five-bed property would have 3.5. But for many households, their family makeup and home configuration leave one bathroom barely used during the course of a day. 

While porcelain and tile can last hundreds of years, it is this lack of use that can age a bathroom. Calcium builds up in the unused faucets and pipes. Seals and plumber’s putty can dry out.   

Water Damage Cleanup in Charleston

The most common sources of leaks in spare bathrooms are toilet flappers, dripping faucets and other leaking valves, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. To protect your home, you must maintain all of your bathrooms to prevent leaks and water damage. It is a lot easier than dismantling and repairing it. 

So check the plumbing system regularly and act immediately if you see suspicious water, stains, or damage. Restoration 1 of Low Country is always on call to begin clean up today. 

That Musty Smell Or Suspicious Specks 

A persistent damp smell in a rarely used bathroom is always a red flag; mold is probably growing behind the surface. The visual signs can be streaks, specks, or dark grains on walls and floors. When a hidden leak or tiny cracks causes persistent moisture to linger on the organic matter (wood, sheetrock, paper) mold can flourish. Mold can cause allergic reactions to those people who are vulnerable. And when Restoration 1 of Low Country manages cleanup and necessary repairs, they will also take precautions to avoid spreading spores. 

Wonky Walls

Crumbling plaster or blistering paint is a signal that water is accumulating behind the walls. When porous drywall absorbs water, it swells and begins to break down. If you see stains or notice that the walls are warped, call restoration 1 to come investigate the source. 

Damaged Floors  

Many bathrooms have hard tile floors. Ceramic floor tiles are not harmed by standing water, However, the grout and adhesive between the tiles can degrade and detach. Natural stone is as hard, but a little more porous and fragile. 

Vinyl is the current standout choice for bathroom flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain. While water will sit up on top of the planks, moisture can seep under the edges to damage the subfloor. 

Water pooling on floors can also creep up the sheetrock or flow under the cabinets. And if you seldom visit this area of the home, a slow leak can cause a lot of damage before you notice it. 

For Water Damage Cleanup In Charleston

The Restoration 1 of Low Country team is ready and waiting to come to your family’s rescue for all your fire, water or mold restoration needs. When you have water damage in your home, this overwhelming situation requires top-notch support.  

With Restoration 1 of Low Country you can expect:

  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • Honest damage assessments
  • Total transparency
  • Courteous and prompt answers
  • Quality restoration work
  • That you are our top priority

Restoration 1 of Low Country is Charleston’s water, fire, and mold remediation experts. Call us for water damage cleanup in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester Counties.