Dangers Of DIY Water Damage Restoration in Charleston

Water damage can strike a home at any time. If this happens, your first reaction could be to try to deal with the problem on your own. Attempting to fix major water damage without the assistance of a qualified professional who specializes in such restorations, might be more expensive and riskier than many people realize. When done improperly, DIY water damage cleaning is not only inefficient and dangerous to one’s health, but it also costs more and tends to take longer to complete. Before you try to manage DIY water damage restoration on your own, be aware of the risks involved.

Dangerous Hazards

If water comes into contact with outlets or electronic devices, there is a high chance of electrocution. A cleanup company will be able to shut the power on and off at the appropriate times in a safe manner. It is not something a homeowner should try. As a result of water damage, structural elements become saturated, unbalanced, and heavy. Your property’s structural materials could collapse at any time, resulting in significant damages.


Water damage restoration is a time-sensitive and consuming procedure. You want to start on the cleanup as quickly as possible. To speed up the restoration process, water damage experts will dedicate an entire crew of specialists to restoring your property to its normal state. Taking on this task by yourself is a difficult task that will take a long time for just one or two individuals. The majority of property owners do not have time to dedicate to water damage cleanup.

Lack of Proper Equipment

When you hire specialists to help with water damage cleanup, you can rest assured that they have and will use the appropriate gear and equipment. Unlike most of the tools you may have at the house or those acquired from a local hardware store, an expert has access to the most up-to-date restoring equipment. Water damage cleanup technicians always use high-volume air movers, industrial-grade water extractors, and dehumidifiers.

Mold Problems

Water damage and mold growth always go hand in hand.  Mold can start growing after only two days of exposure to moisture. Once mold starts growing, it will spread very fast through tiny spores that travel through the air. Exposure to mold is harmful to your respiratory health, and it must be treated using industry-approved processes and products to make sure that it is properly remediated and does not spread further around the house. Tackling water damage restoration by yourself increases the risk of mold growing and spreading.

Call Restoration 1 of Low Country

Water or flood damage to your property is a terrible problem that you should not ignore. By hiring a professional and reliable water damage restoration in Charleston, you get a crew with the expertise, tools, and manpower to rapidly clean up and restore your house. Our professional and qualified experts at Call Restoration 1 of Low Country can properly remove any dangerous items, contaminant threats, and mold from your house. Call Restoration 1 of Low Country if you need help with water damage restoration.