How untreated water damage will affect your property value in Low Country, SC

Keeping the Value of your home when water damage occurs in Low Country, SC It is important to realize that untreated water damage will affect your property value in Low Country, South Carolina. Whenever there is water damage in a home, there may also be the presence of mold. I have some little drips in the […]

How to Know When Smoke Damage Restoration Requires a Pro

A house fire can lead to all manner of problems. Of course, there is the noticeable fire damage caused by the flames themselves, including smoldering remains. However, the smoke damage is a cause for concern. Not only does smoke damage the building materials throughout your home, but it affects your health, too. Dealing with lasting […]

The Hidden Hazards of Mold in Your Home

New Title Mold is the common term given to the countless types of fungi in the world. These growths come in a wide variety of colors – from black to brown, yellow to green – and often smell terrible. Unfortunately, mold is all around us each day. There are countless species of mold that can […]

Flood Damage Recovery – The To-Do List to Keep Your Home and Family Protected

The aftermath of a flood is dire. Even after the flood waters begin to recede, you’ll notice an extensive amount of damage. From downed power lines to broken glass, a lot of clean up must be done. Most of us just want to go home. We want to sit down, relax, and put the ordeal […]

The Fire Damage Restoration Process – What Every Resident Needs to Know

In the coming days after a severe house fire, few homeowners know how to move forward. They’re often unsure of how to properly clean the mess, and whether or not it’s even safe to go inside the house. It’s often not. We’re here to guide you through this troubling time. After a house fire of […]

The Long-term Impact of Water Damage

New Title There is a time and a place for water in your home. It’s either in the bathtub or the sink when you’re washing up. Large amounts of water have no place on your floors or soaking into your carpet. Unfortunately, we’re no stranger to excess water lying about. Whether from a recent thunderstorm […]