Leave Mold Remediation to the Experts Every Time

Mold remediation in Low Country Whenever you notice moisture or dampness in a living area of the home, it could be a natural next stop that mold growth is not far behind. Mold that is found growing in a home will continue to grow, and does not usually ever stop growing without direct measures being […]

Home Testing for Mold vs. Hiring the Pros for Testing and Remediation

Always choose a pro for mold remediation in Low Country. DIY is Good, But Not for Home Mold TestingWe certainly live in an era of DIY, which really means that most people are not motivated to call an expert to do anything that they believe in their heart of hearts that they can do cheaply […]

Prevention of Mold is Half the Cure

It is critical to prevent mold from taking over in Low Country. It is possible to prevent mold growing on living structures in the home. The ultimate prevention of mold will keep homeowners on their toes. In a perfect world, there would never be an incidence of mold growing in common living areas in human […]

Sick at Home and Blaming Mold? Guilty as Charged!

In Low Country, You can blame mold for your illness, or you can do something about it! You decide! Mold illnesses, or better yet, illnesses experienced by people who are susceptible to mold, are common today for anyone living in a home. Homes these days are much more efficient at keeping out drafts then in […]

Your Home is Too Humid! Stop the Slow Bake of Growing Mold Right Now

Tips on why your home is too humid in Low Country and what you should do right now. Indoor mold will grow under the right conditions, and will only grow if the conditions are perfect. It needs water, food and a sustainable indoor humidity to start making mold spores like nobody’s business. Of course, homeowners […]

How Does Mold Grow in a Home?

If Mold Is Organic, Why Won’t It Stay Outside in Low Country? Mold grows inside and outside of a home. In some ways, mold is seen as organic and “all natural,” but the damage that it can do inside of a building or home is anything but pleasing in nature.How Does Mold Start to Grow […]

The Pitfalls of Home Mold Testing

In Low Country, the Five Reasons Not To Test For Mold At Home Many people buy home testing kits for mold, but is this really a good idea? Read on for information as to whether home testing kids for mold are accurate, sufficient or whether it is still a good idea to call in the […]

Look for Visible Signs of Water Damage in the Home

Water damage can lead to mold in indoor environments in Low Country. Everyone knows the telltale signs of mold in the home. It can look like dark pin pricks, spores growing vertically out of a wall area, or black scum along a window sill. But have you thought about the visible signs of water damage […]

Mold vs. Mildew: Is There Really A Difference?

In Low Country, both Mold and Mildew can have adverse health consequences in the home. Well, it is not an age-old argument, certainly not on the level of chickens as to historically which came first, the chicken or the egg. But there is still a discrepancy as to whether mold and mildew mean the same […]

The Dangers of Mold in Low Country, SC

Dangers of Mold in Low Country, South Carolina Low Country, South Carolina Homeowners Need Relief from Mold NOW!Many homeowners are discovering the dangers of mold growth in Low Country, South Carolina. In particular, mold is defined as a tiny microorganism which digests organic matter to grow, and digests organic materials by releasing spores into the air.Molds are […]