5 Water Damage Repair Myths In North Charleston

north charleston water damage companyFlood damage is a major issue, and we’re concerned about how to restore our home and personal items as quickly and affordably as possible. In your efforts to do the proper thing, you quite often rely on information from relatives or browses that say calling a specialist isn’t necessary. That is incorrect. 

North Charleston Water Damage Company

When confronted with one of these situations, the most logical course of action is to contact a North Charleston water damage company. But there are so many myths about water damage. The following are some of the most common misconceptions about water damage cleanup in North Charleston.

You Don’t Require The Services Of A Trained Professional

Most property owners, understandably, attempt to clean up the water damage on their own. But many people underestimate the difficulty of large projects such as water damage restoration. Many things may go unnoticed by you, but trained specialists know exactly what to look for and can provide you with an accurate evaluation of the necessary repairs. Attempting to complete this task on your own may lead to further damage or costly mistakes in the long run.

Insurance Covers Everything

Many people seem to believe that submitting a claim will result in their insurance provider covering all of their expenses, and yet this isn’t always the case. To truly obtain flood damage repair coverage, you must have evidence that the problem was caused by something outside of your control, for instance, a burst pipe or maybe a flood. When the problem is your fault, like a roof leak or faulty plumbing, your insurance company will only cover home repairs if you have such coverage. Also keep in mind, working with a water damage company that knows how to submit the claims to insurance should be a focus of your choosing.

You Can Return To Your Home Right Away

Many house owners assume they would be able to go back home immediately after the flood damage has been restored. That isn’t always the case. Professionals have to dry out the affected house, to prevent mold growth. Furthermore, the property needs to be properly cleaned to prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

Mold Takes A Long Time To Develop

Many people still believe mold takes a lot of time to form. Therefore, as long as you clean up the water as soon as possible, you shouldn’t be worried. That is not the case! Any amount of moisture or water could facilitate mold formation, particularly in flood events. Mold repair is an important step in the water damage cleanup process because spores can begin growing as soon as two days after a water damage or flood.

All The Damage Can Be Repaired

While trained specialists can usually repair mold and flood damage, there will be times when the extent of the damage is simply beyond their ability to repair. As a result, the repair process may have to be accelerated. Unfortunately, even minor repairs can be expensive, so hiring a skilled technician is always the best option.

There are countless myths about water damage that can lead to homeowners making poor decisions. When your business or home sustains flood damage, contact a North Charleston water damage company as soon as possible so that you may get back to normal quickly. If you encounter water damage and need professional guidance, contact Restoration 1 of Low Country right away.